Day 11-Oxford to Marlborough-41.6 miles with 1240 feet of elevation

It was a great rest day in Oxford and our B’n’B, Heather House was great. Getting out of city center. 

Once out of town it was great. 

We rode past thatched roof houses. 

The little towns were so quaint and beautiful. 

We had our SAG stop next to St. Nicholas’s church parking lot. When the minister’s wife learned it was a group of American cyclists were coming she opened the church. It was really cool. 

Back on the beautiful road again. 

RAGBRAI in England. 

More beautiful little houses and towns. 

Big climb afterwards to these vistas. 

We rolled down this hill to the bottom to get to Three Trees Farm Market and Cafe. Broccoli and Stilton quiche with salad. Yummy. 

Some of the group was in a different place and