Day 10 Rest day in Oxford…”would you like to meet the artist…”

My roommate and I slept and slept and slept. We like som others in the group thought that a hop on and hop off bus would be the best. The top was great for pictures. 

We went to the Oxford Castle AND Prison. We did not take the tour. It was fun. 

We then went to Calfax Tower. 99 very narrow, steep steps to the top. Panoramic. 

Selfie photo credit  “Ice cream” Tom Coe.

We the went to University Church. 

We then went to the 1779 Covered Market. I bought a cool small print of a bicycle from Oxford. Tom wanted to eat at The Eagle and the Child Oub due to its history with “The Inklings” in particular it was where C.S. Lewis met J.R.R. Tolkien. Great chicken and mushroom pie with carrots. We were leaving and a friend in our group sat down. We compared notes of the day and I showed her my print. As we got out the door a man and a baby asked if I would like to meet the artist. It was Merlin Porter and his one year old daughter. He gave me a special note on the front and drew a cheeky sketch of me on the back. All you can say is WOW. The coolest thing was how genuine Merlin was with someone he had never met that was buying his artwork and how interested he was with us. He does not normally get to meet his buyers. It was great. 

The Eagle and the Child. 

Well that just blew my mind. We went on the bus back to The Sheldonian. 

The roof.

We walked the 114 steps to the cupola. 

The Bridge of Sighs. 

Internet slow here but had to get this out. Peace out Tres dog

2 thoughts on “Day 10 Rest day in Oxford…”would you like to meet the artist…”

  1. Take a picture of your “cheeky sketch”. I love the oldskool Devil Rays hat. Did you see Robin Trower? Enjoy. Ride on T-Dawg!

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