Day 4-Liverpool to Chester 40 miles

We had a great group meal at Shiraz’s Turkish BBQ. The crazy Liverpudlian in the yellow shirt is our very own John Edwards or “Eddo”. A C2C 2016 alum. Great to be with him.

I had eaten there when I first got to Liverpool. Fabulous. I had grilled Sea Bass. 

We had an early up for breakfast and meet our tour operator Shane. He would collect our luggage every morning except on the rest days and take it to the next hotel. He would be fitting all the rented bikes up this morning. Bittersweet leaving Liverpool. 

Eddo and Marie Edwards

Getting ready. 

We rode down to the Mersey Ferry. 

We got off the ferry and down the way of the water we went. 

A tea break with biscuits at mile 10 then we went toward West Kirby. 

Me and two friends got a little off route but the scenery was lovely. 

Lunch in Parkgate. 

Not to long after lunch Chrysa has a frustrating flat that could only be marginally repaired. She went back to SAG. It was typical of some folks days.Some more pictures of an interesting route. 

We were approaching Chester and the bike lane narrowed and we started stopping a lot for cattle gates on the route. Sorry too busy to get pic. Then Chester. 

Bigger day tomorrow. Less set up. Peace out Tres

2 thoughts on “Day 4-Liverpool to Chester 40 miles

  1. Very good photos of the route and cities. You are doing a good job. Keep it up.
    Love Chester. Would love to visit there.
    Stay Safe,

  2. Again, just so cool, especially the architecture of the buildings and knowing that some of the churches are older than the United States has been a country. Seeing tats, made me think – you should get some British flag-entwined with a bicycle-themed tattoo. Enjoy and keep the pictures coming.

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