Day 2 in Liverpool

Slept like my buddy Darren says “like a spanked baby”. Over 11 hours. It was 2 days in one. Great continental breakfast in too small a breakfast room. Put the Strong together and found a bike shop near the hotel. 

It took me toward Chinatown. Kind of. That is the beauty of the bike. 

This route lead me to the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral. OMG really. First time I had seen neon in a church. Everything in side was either historical or progressive.

The grounds outside were great with a cafe where I had a local dish called Scouse, vegan, which they called blind scouse. 

I learned Rich and Chrysa we’re here so I parked the bike and went to see them. They were Knackered. Along the way. 

I went back and got a real beard trim and my bike and rode down to the water. I went the industrial way first. They appeared to be putting in a bike path but it’s construction was still underway. 

The only art I saw along this way. 

I went back down to the nice waterfront and this was what I saw. 

Tate Gallery in Liverpool had a Keith Haring exhibit. Super cool. 

I took loads of pics. Some images from the black light room. I cannot post all of them but will give you a taste. 

Huge great day. Meeting friends for dinner. Peace out Tres

3 thoughts on “Day 2 in Liverpool

  1. AMAZING! Too many cool pictures to comment. The buildings along the “industrial way” are reminiscent of the Pink Floyd, “Animals” album cover and the Keith Haring exhibit was worth the price of the flight alone! Thanks again for sharing. Be safe and keep ‘me coming.

  2. Magnificent art in the church. I am impressed on how you navigate each new place you visit.
    If I am not mistaken Liverpool is the port some of my ancestors boarded ships on their journey to the US.
    Stay safe,

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