RAGBRAI-Day 7-Burlington to Keokuk, Iowa-70 miles with 1900 feet of elevation

We stayed inside the YMCA the last night and it made the getaway easier. 

It was another beautiful day. 

We went into Denmark, Iowa. 

We got back on the road and big panoramas again. 

The route had us at Donnellson, Iowa and who do I see Chris Conn. 

The road takes you down to the Mississippi. 

The forest next to the river. 

The Mississippi River Road that tools us along the River was amazing. 

The week was incredible. Thanks for coming along. Peace. Tres

RAGBRAI-Day 6-Fairfield to Burlington, Iowa-71 miles with 1800 feet of elevation. 

An early start on a somewhat overcast but nice day. 

The first town was cool. 

The road was grand and open. 

The barns along the way were incredible some over a 100 years old. 

We went into Geode State Park and it was so lush and green. We met 2 Iowa DNR rangers and compared notes about the park and Burlington. See featured image. Real nice guys and funny. Like last year’s Iowa State Trooper selfie. 

Burlington was very cool on the Mississippi River. They have a Class A franchise of the Los Angeles Angels here, the Burlington Bees. Cool little stadium. 

Finale coming up. Peace out Namaste Tres

Day 4-RAGBRAI-Indianola to Centerville, Iowa-91 miles with 4020 feet of elevation

We knew it would be a long day and we were out before six. See featured image. I did see last year’s surprise entrant. 

Breakfast was 20 miles away that morning. 

The riding was grand and wonderful. 

Meet up town was great. Chariton, Iowa.

We left the meet up town and there was a large Amish community. 

It was such a long day and so many beautiful sights were seen but not a ton of pictures. 

I did it. Peace out Namaste Tres

RAGBRAI-Day 3-Winterset to Indianola, Iowa-42 miles-1550 feet of elevation

It was COLD last night and it woke me up from my sleep a couple of times but slept well. Pile up of riders outside leaving town. Today was   wasParkinson’s Awareness Day honoring Davis Phinney.

It was rolling and beautiful to breakfast at Howell’s greenhouse and Pumkin Patch for all of RAGBRAI it seemed for breakfast. 

On the road.

Beekmans cranked ice cream. Tres with root beer float. 

Square in Indianola. 

BIG day tomorrow. Up early finish later. Peace out Namaste Tres. 

RAGBRAI charter to Council Bluffs, Iowa and RABBRAI Expo

19 1/2 hours by car from Ruskin, Florida to Keokuk, Iowa approximately 1220. No blog due to big drive. Early steak dinner and down. 5 hour bus ride with Rich and Chrysa. 

The countryside. 

We are at the Middle America Arena in Council Bluffs, Iowa. My home for tonight and the week.

The best bike expo in the world. 

Buffet at the Horseshoe. Early roll out tomorrow. Peace out Namaste Tres