Pensacola to Lafayette

I had a late roll out on purpose because my drive was shorter. I got across the rest of Florida, Alabama and Mississippi fairly quickly and it was very interesting. No pics really kind of too busy driving. Decided once in La. to go to the Tabasco plant on Avery Island. My route changed and put me on 90 in Cajun country. What a cool drive. 

The route had an oversized load with a Louisiana state trooper driving behind in the left lane for 50 miles or more. Got out to Avery Island just to see the store but no factory tour. The grounds were really cool. 

I went to the Jungle Garden entrance. 

Rich and Chrysa are en route and Cycle Zydeco starts tomorrow. Peace out Namaste Tres

2 thoughts on “Pensacola to Lafayette

  1. Tres -Dog, glad you didn’t attempt photos while driving. So did the Louisiana State Trooper. Sorry you weren’t able do a factory tour. Be safe, my Friend.

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