KISS End Of The Road Tour-Amalie Arena, Tampa, Florida. April 11, 2019

I want to say it was 1976 and the KISS Destroyer tour came to Richmond, Va. Richmond Coliseum, big deal. I was a college student studying mass communications broadcast news at VCU and I was a DJ at the college’s little radio station WJRB then WVCW. I was criticized for playing KISS. I didn’t care because their 3 chord rock spoke to me and my friends. So here I am. Great KISS crowd. 

Performance artist, David Garibaldi, warmed up the crowd. He would paint a donated, signed KISS portrait for a local Tampa charity. It was fun. He painted a Steven Tyler portrait upside down.

May not be too clear. 

Here we go. 

Here  we go NOW.    

The iconography of KISS seems to be the lasting single driving force that have kept a 3 chord rock band together for 45 years.The makeup, costumes and over the top stage show truly is one of a kind. As they say only  KISS could do that. 

If you go to the show you will take a lot of pictures. 

Old film behind the band. Ace Frehley. 

It is a visual onslaught.

Loud and full of pyrotechnics. 

Graphic novel film type stuff behind the solo performance of Tom Thayer, a very good RnR lead guitarist. He and Paul Stanley riffed out Won’t get fooled again then the drummer smashed it to it as well.  They then  returned to Lick it up. 

Lots of KISS flying around Amalie, 

Did I say the show was visual? 

I am sure my me I phone did not do this justice. 

Finale and anthem. Great show. Peace out Namaste Tres

2 thoughts on “KISS End Of The Road Tour-Amalie Arena, Tampa, Florida. April 11, 2019

  1. Dude! I am so glad you went. The pictures are great! Did the sit – in drummer really sing “Beth”? Did they do “Black Diamond”? So, cool. Where did you get the great t-shirt? I’m glad you had a good time…and great seats! Please call me with details. “He’s worth a deuce”! Rock on!

  2. This may be your most fun post yet! The pictures are AWESOME, I’m sitting here with a big grin on my face. Thanks for making my day.

    P.S. I didn’t realize you were a VCU alum. My son Evan has lived in Richmond for 8 years. I love that city!

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