Day 5, 6, 7, 8-Corbett to TAJ Corbett Gateway Resort. 

I realized that being this sick I would do better to go to a town of bigger size. I had seen two doctors available on a sign at the gas station in Ramnagar when I left there for “Jim Corbett” the Indian way the park is called. It made no sense to me to go further away from help at a Himalayan hill station at Nainital. I had asked Mr. Om to take me to The TAJ Resort in North Ramnagar. 

I was able to get a nice cottage room for the 4 nights I needed. The staff was very sympathetic to my problems and made every effort to ensure I was well taken care. I called Mariella for the formulation in a plan to come home when I was better. My med-surgery room. 

My mini hospital for 4 days. I know rough. 

My first day had me eating and drinking but really no better and still really sick. Second day I was not improving and my abdominal cramping continued. The second morning I asked a local physician to see me at the hotel. He changed my Cipro and Imodium to Norfloxacin with Zantac and as necessary medications for the cramping. He also used some homeopathic medications as well. He had the staff start me on a bland style of Indian food and a salt, sugar, lemon and bottled water solution. It began to work. Sleeping quite a bit. Day 2 did have me at the Jiva Spa for a complimentary head massage. It was gooood. 

The grounds helped me relax and not try to do too much. It was the first of the week and there were not a lot of people there. 

The third day after massive amounts of sleep. I was able to go out the front gate and walk 1500 feet one way and 1000 feet the other way and come back to the resort. It was raining a little. 

A better day but still sleeping quite a bit. The fourth morning I felt much more like myself and arranged a car to Corbett museum, small and not that big a deal but I did not see it. 

I regretted not getting a picture of the tiger spotting log book at Corbett. I got it today.

Also, the Girigi Devi Temple. I took off my socks and shoes and made my way up. 

The pilgrims. 

3 thoughts on “Day 5, 6, 7, 8-Corbett to TAJ Corbett Gateway Resort. 

  1. Tres,
    So sorry that your adventure has turned out to be so much different than expected. Perhaps I am the curse. 😉 One of my other friends went to India for a epic bicycle adventure and was hit by a vehicle on the first day and spent a couple of weeks in hospital before being able to return home.
    I guess my advice is to not go for a ride in India if you know me. 😉 I am kidding, but who knows?
    Tom Fleming

  2. Dude, these photos are just beautiful and to think you were so sick. I know you are home by now and I pray you are well. I do hope you went to your doctor and have checked things out. I hope your next adventure is full of health, excitement, happiness and just a plain old good time!
    Love you to the moon!

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