Hillsborough County Commissioner Mariella Smith

An early morning recon of south Hillsborough County showed the signs and the candidate working the polls.

An amazing upset in local politics. After an exhaustive and yearlong grass roots campaign has yielded the best local candidate, my incredible wife Mariella Smith, to come along in many years to defeat a 26 year incumbent candidate, Victor Crist. He was and is at the whim of special interests and not the majority of the local constituency. Mariella Smith, however, was and is not at the whim of a small but powerful group of special interests and will genuinely and honestly represent all the people of Hillsborough County. 

Her sense of fairness, decency, knowledge of the issues has made her the obvious choice in this election where the people had decided who was the best candidate. 

It is with such great joy that I post this blog tonight. 

Mariella WON. 

10 thoughts on “Hillsborough County Commissioner Mariella Smith

  1. YES she did!!!So sorry we are not with you all celebrating this amazing candidate and her grassroot campaign. We are so pleased to say that our future Elected- Commissioner and her great husband are our friends!

  2. Congratulations ! To the woman I have long called “the Congreswoman”, and more recently the Commish, I am so proud of you and know you will do what’s right for “We the People” of Hillsborough County.

    I am so very happy for you, it is not often that we have an opportunity to vote for someone that truly will work for the good of all the people and our environment. I am a registered Republican but as I tell everyone you should look at all parties and vote for the one you think will do the greater good for the people as a whole. That just happened to be you and you are the one this household voted for! So very happy that you won it is obvious that you are the right person for the job! I look forward to watching your success continue. Love to you and Trey, Starr

  4. A very well deserved accomplishment! Not enough accolades to say how pleased I am for you and Mariella and all of Hillsborough County.

    Keep on riding…..

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