Katy Trail-Day 5-Dutzow to St. Charles-36 miles

It was to be a cold and rainy finale to the ride and my 2 local riding partners from Owensville were recommending a early roll out from Dutzow to keep the weather and mileage at more tolerable distance and manageability. 

Everything on and away we went. It was not raining when we started. High 30’s to low 40’s got this Floridian’s attention. 

Trail stops along the way were very nice. Augusta it began to sprinkle. 

We went to Defiance and the Katy Bike Rental. They are huge concessionaire for the Katy Trail and were in BAM this week. Killer bike shop with a complete electric assist in the wheel called a Copenhagen wheel.

Real wet slog to Weldon Springs and beyond. 

The rain did lighten some on the way to Greens Bottom Road. Chrysa catching a little shelter. 

It was 6 miles or so to St. Charles and lunch.

It was a great week with my wonderful friends Rich and Chrysa, Jim Hilly and local rider Lolli. Peace out. Tres

2 thoughts on “Katy Trail-Day 5-Dutzow to St. Charles-36 miles

  1. Wow, that is COLD for us crackers & rain on top of it! I am not sure I would have been able to do that. Happy you had a good time and as always good photos and narration! Starr

  2. What did you think of the Copenhagen Wheel? We are thinking of renting them for the entire Katy trail. Our hesitation is the distance they supposedly run is 20-30 miles and our daily distance averages about 40 miles. We are worried this will leave us with a much heavier bike to pedal the last part of the trail than if we had just gone with a normal non-electric bike. We were told we could recharge them at lunch but this seems a little impractical to recharge 3 bikes at a restaurant. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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