Katy Trail-Day 2-Sedalia to Boonville-40 miles

I went into town last night to see downtown Sedalia. 

Hotel Bothwell lobby.

Went to breakfast and met a 94 year old man who walks everyday and his wife who he used to square dance with. They were lovely. Pretty fit.

The Sedalia Depot was great. 

We left there and on to the road for a couple of miles. Long story. 

A few trail pics with bridges.

More bridges and tunnels too. 

Trail city. 

Photo credit to Chrysa Niewald above.

Boonville. Peace out Tres

One thought on “Katy Trail-Day 2-Sedalia to Boonville-40 miles

  1. Just catching up on your travels. What a beautiful, green part of the world. so many paths, trails, and off road opportunities. Did I spot a pair of AFO’s on a fellow rider?? Stay safe and have fun!

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