Katy Trail-Day 5-Dutzow to St. Charles-36 miles

It was to be a cold and rainy finale to the ride and my 2 local riding partners from Owensville were recommending a early roll out from Dutzow to keep the weather and mileage at more tolerable distance and manageability. 

Everything on and away we went. It was not raining when we started. High 30’s to low 40’s got this Floridian’s attention. 

Trail stops along the way were very nice. Augusta it began to sprinkle. 

We went to Defiance and the Katy Bike Rental. They are huge concessionaire for the Katy Trail and were in BAM this week. Killer bike shop with a complete electric assist in the wheel called a Copenhagen wheel.

Real wet slog to Weldon Springs and beyond. 

The rain did lighten some on the way to Greens Bottom Road. Chrysa catching a little shelter. 

It was 6 miles or so to St. Charles and lunch.

It was a great week with my wonderful friends Rich and Chrysa, Jim Hilly and local rider Lolli. Peace out. Tres

Katy Trail-Day 4-North Jefferson to Herman-48 miles

We took a shuttle into downtown Jefferson City last night for dinner. Great meal. The capital building and the Governor’s Mansion. 

It was to drop to 40 degrees last night and we were lucky and had a North Jefferson rec building to stay in. Great big sleep. It meant a wrapped up layered day but with no rain.

The trail was grand with a lot of water from the creeks and the Missouri River. Like the featured image of the church in Rhineland. More great pics. 

Into downtown Herman for brats and traditional German food. 

Did I say it was cold today? Last day tomorrow with more unsure weather. Peace out Tres

Katy Trail-Day 2-Sedalia to Boonville-40 miles

I went into town last night to see downtown Sedalia. 

Hotel Bothwell lobby.

Went to breakfast and met a 94 year old man who walks everyday and his wife who he used to square dance with. They were lovely. Pretty fit.

The Sedalia Depot was great. 

We left there and on to the road for a couple of miles. Long story. 

A few trail pics with bridges.

More bridges and tunnels too. 

Trail city. 

Photo credit to Chrysa Niewald above.

Boonville. Peace out Tres

Katy Trail-Day 1-Clinton to Sedalia-40 miles MOL

A downpour in Lee’s Summit where we stayed with Rachel, Rich and Chrysa’s daughter and she took us to the start of the ride. Great start in Clinton. 

The chat aggregate trail. New bike working well. 

Windsor, Mo a great trail town along the way. 

Chrysa has a friend who was renting cabins along the Katy. 

We took a part of the trail Chrysa and Lolli are working on in their home and across Missouri. 

It was a beautiful day more pics. 

Katy Park. Sedalia. 

Great day. Pedal more on gravel is harder. Peace out.  Tres

Tour de Wildwood enroute to BAM on the Katy Trail. 

The trio were out fairly reasonably to do the Tour only to experience rain, fog and wet roads. 

WE decided with what was ahead to head on to Owensville and get ready to drive across the state and join the weeklong in Clinton, Missouri. The Niewald house and grounds were great. 

Internet in the country along the trail will be interesting. Stay tuned. KC BBQ tonight peace out. Tres

BAM on the Katy Trail-Urban St. Louis ride with Tom

I was up at o dark thirty to meet my C2C friend, Tom Fleming, at his house across from Lafayette Park. 

Tom and Audrey. 

We were to have a shop ride from where he worked atBig Shark Bike Co in Downtown St. Louis. 

We went past the original Bud plant. 

Tom was a remarkable St. Louis historian and he was riding along giving me all the pertinent history about the places we were cycling through. He was amazing. A bridge engineer James Eads was instrumental in constructing some of our Civil War era bridges and some ships. 

A store that had been converted from a church. 

Tom’ plan was to go to the Jefferson Barracks out the road and a bike path past a casino. It was cool. A few pics. 

Note the cannon gate and rifle barrel fencing.

Bevo tower/windmill in the Morgan Ford section. Built by A Busch II for respite before going to the farm. 

On to Tower Park. 

On to the Grove district as they were setting up for a festival. The Handlebar. 

St. Louis Grand Union Train Station tower, now a hotel. 

Back to Tom’s neighborhood for great coffee, the best, creamiest mini quiche I have ever eaten AND gooey butter cake. We had a 32.5 and we were hungry. Tom’s neighborhood. 

Tom could not have been any more fun and generous with his time. Much love brother. Dinner on the Hill. Tour de Wildwood tomorrow, a morning event, then to Cinton, Mo and the Katy Trail. Peace out Tres