Florida Trail at Little Manatee River State Park-6.5 miles

I had a gum surgery on Thursday and was advised that I should take a couple of days off with no strenuous exercise. I decided to hike an old favorite in my backyard. 

I did trail maintenance on this trail when I first moved to Ruskin. Florida Trail Association is such a great organization. They help ensure the trail is maintened with work days. 

The trail was wet but not bad at the start.

There is a cross trail that cuts the whole trail in half. 

There is a primitive campsite. 

The trail was gaining more water on it but, still was nice. 

The trail goes by the Little River Manatee and it was really flooded and this was when the hiking got more like water slogging. 

The trail was overgrown due to summer rains. It was butterfly heaven.

There was a big tree across one of the bridge paths next to the river. This was where the river had taken over the trail and the water could go up to knees and hips. This bridge was underwater to my knees. Note the poles that are almost covered in water. 

Much harder walking but still beautiful. 

Peace out Namaste Tres

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