Day 5-RAGBRAI-Newton to Sigouney-72.5 miles and 2900 feet of elevation

EDITOR’S NOTE: A updated day 4 entry was made yesterday morning for more complete coverage. 

Day 5 would be the longest and hilliest of the week. Another up at 4:45 AM and away we went. 

There was a Santa spotting along the road toward Sully and I was able to pass him and say good morning Santa. I am not sure how many other got that opportunity but it is RAGBRAI. A side note: Santa does winter at the North Pole but, summers in Dubuque, Iowa. See featured image. 

A neat lunch in Deep River, Iowa.

Chrysa was riding with fellow C2C 2016 rider, John Ilenin. John had converted to a three wheel cat trike and it seemed he may not ride anything else. He had me sit in it and it was PLUSH. John maybe one of the sweetest and  nicest guys you will ever meet. 

We had one last break in Keswick. Cool place. 

It was good day. Namaste Tres

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