Shuttle to Big Bam, Eureka, Mo

Met my C2C buddy, Amy Russell, at the shuttle and away we went. It was easy and professional. Put the bike in this thing. 

Living in this AC trailer for the week. SWEET. Pigs in a blanket. That be me. 

Checked in and met all my C2C people. Did I say it was hot. O dark thirty roll out. 

More tomorrow. Namaste Tres. 

One thought on “Shuttle to Big Bam, Eureka, Mo

  1. Hello Tres,
    Looks like you are out on another adventure! How wonderful that you are so involved in the biking. My Sister & her Husband are still biking as well. They don’t travel as much as they used to. Ther are both in their mid-seventies. But they ride every day they can. Rain here is off and on and so they sometimes don’t get to ride. I will be waiting on more photos from this adventure!
    Be Safe!

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