Memphis on the way to big BAM 

I left way to early for an 830 mile drive from Ruskin to Memphis. 

Basically lots of interstate and some 4 lane Appalachian developmental highway, corridor x, US 78. Traffic great except for Birmingham and Memphis. First stop was Sun Studios. Cool signage. 

I got to my hotel, the featured image and it was great. 

I tried to nap but was too wired. Ate BBQ at The Rendezvous, since 1948. Best ribs and brisket I had eaten. 

Did a paseo to walk off the Q. Went through the Peabody. Saw the Memphis Redbirds Stadium, AAA franchise of the St. Louis Cardinals. How dare they not be in town. 

Was able to crash and ready for bike ride around Memphis and over the Mississippi. Tough leaving the candidate. 

More later. Namaste Tres. 

2 thoughts on “Memphis on the way to big BAM 

  1. Man do you keep busy..good for you……………….still would like to chat about your insight on your c2c trip .

    take care for now Clarence Bechter ohio 330 690 6235

  2. Tres, thank you for continuing to share your adventures. I read every word of every post and love the pictures. Helps take me out of ongoing family health challenges and focus on a bigger, brighter world out there!

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