Monticello Bike Festival 2018-42 rolling miles

Great breakfast at the the bnb. Got away after a rousing rendition of the star spangled banner. 

We rolled out pretty quick. It was a beautiful morning and this part of North Florida has some rolling hills. A few pics. It was just so pretty. 

We turned onto a dairy road and it got nicer. 

We turned into what looked like a hunt club, Honey Lake Plantation, with stables and a church. The road was new and it was our first rest stop. 

I went away and it was already getting warmer.  More beautiful road. 

Another nice little rest stop. 

Snead’s Lake at the Aucilla River Wildlife Management Area. 

Some more great farms going into town. 

A great lunch of tuna salad at Tupelo’s Bakery and Cafe. Soft afternoon with a trip to a Mayhaw farm. Yes some jelly was purchased. Easy night and dinner at Rev Cafe. Maybe shrimp and grits. Peace out Namaste Tres dog. 

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