5 Boros NYC bike tour 

Up early with a plan to get on the route early. My hotel right on Ave of the Americas. I got away about 7:20 am before the first wave but the route closed down. I was a bit of tourist. Really neat. 

Got to Central Park and a lot of course marshals were getting their assignments. 

Jose Marti and Central Park. Viva Cuba!

Harlem. Blew the turn because I was early. Then the NYPD Ride marshals.

Madison Avenue Bridge and into Bronx.

Quickly out of the Bronx and onto FDR Drive. Dice tunnel with a highly slanted railroad tie. NYC roads not some of the smoothest

Up to Queensboro Bridge and into Queens. 

Great rest stop and out bound rollout. 


Out of Queens into Brooklyn. 

Was gray and everybody was wondering when the rain was going to come. 

Verrazano Narrows lower level to Staten Island. Wearing the SMBC colors. That’s Sarasota Manatee Bike Club. 

A Staten Island ferry ride to Manhattan and another 5 burritos in the books. Peace out Namaste Tres

6 thoughts on “5 Boros NYC bike tour 

  1. wow you sure do get around …..you are living a dream………………………would like to talk to you about c2c…will go in 2019 thanks 330—690–6235 ohio…….clarence

  2. Dawg! Great pictures. I thought you missed the turn due to the young lady walking through the field. Have a great time.

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