Paddle Florida Suwannee Festival

I set out to meet my buddy Chris Wilkerson in Monticello for lunch. He is paddling with me in the front of my handmade tandem kayak. Funniest guy I know. 

Monticello was a favorite of mine from C2C 2016 other rides too. They have a bike fest in May. 

We had a late great lunch at Tupelo Bakery and Cafe. Took away some gourmet cupcakes AND Tupelo honey. We drove down 90 just like I rode in C2C in 2016 to Suwannee River State Park and checked in and set up camp. This was the beautiful yesterday. 

I was able to get a swim in the spring near camp. 

We did an 8 mile paddle due to rain in the forecast. We did it in 1 3/4 hours. Pictures on my waterproof camera to follow. 

On to Live Oak for grouper sandwich and fried okra. Return with rain starting. Really came down hard. Good napping. Unsure of next plan due to weather. Hoping for clearing and paddling. Listening to Copland’s Appalachian Spring. Peace out Tres. 

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