Tucson to Kartchner Caverns to Tombstone to Bisbee

Mariella and I packed up our rental car with a big box with a bike in it, my bike assembled with the front wheel off, my empty bike box suitcase, big agnes large duffel, a suitcase, a back pack and some food and water bottles in bags. It was on to the caverns. 

It was elected the best cavern in America. We did not have a reservation and it might have been a huge mistake. We were lucky and there had been a cancellation and we went with a 1:20 pm group. It was incredible. No photography. Strict rules but a grand tour with an expert. This from a postcard. 

The park was beautiful. 

Tombstone. Quick. 

A beautiful drive into Bisbee with a C2C flashback climbing up over the continental divide. Canyon Rose Suites. 

Will walk Bisbee with Mariella tomorrow. Peace out. Tres