Day after BAC-Sabino Canyon and C2C 2018 at Catalina State Park

Mariella and I slept in a little and went to a sleepy breakfast. I went to get the rental car. Off to Sabino Canyon Recreation Area. We got in with our senior pass. 

It was great. 

Lots of water. 

The views were incredible. 

We had a nice picnic lunch and went to Ajo Bikes. We then went to Catalina State Park. Mike, Tom, myself and Coach all veterans of C2C 2016.  It was a blast. 

It was a walk down memory lane. 

We had a great dinner by Anne and Serge. 

It was great to see Bubba and crew. Looks like it was laundry day. 

On to Bisbee, Arizona tomorrow. It’s always good to be with the peeps. Peace out Tres