Day 2 BAC Tucson Spring Tour-Catalina State Park

Mariella and I had a good sleep with a big breakfast and out we went by 9 am. 

Within a mile or so on the loop we pass the local horse track. 

We went about 4 miles and we got off the loop and headed up La Canada. 6-8 foot bike lane. Bicyclists heaven. Mariella stalwart planning an effort. 

Local metal artist. 

We did a gradual climb up La Canada and rode down to rejoin the loop. One of the big stars of the day along with Catalina State Park. 

We rode this loop up to the park. 

Catalina was where I stopped after 8 days on my 2016 C2C ride. This is where we camped. 

We saw horses.

Mr. Saguaro. 

The road through the park was beautiful. 

We begrudgingly left the park. See you Saturday C2C and Bubba.

The loop is the great constant. A few pics. 

Reforma, moderna Mexican with BAC. 

One thought on “Day 2 BAC Tucson Spring Tour-Catalina State Park

  1. have a great time…looks like you are good luck …….i will do c2c in 2019 with bubba clarence from ohio

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