Day 1 of BAC Spring Tucson tour

An early wake up. I am still on east coast time. A good breakfast and out to the patio to assemble two bikes. It seemed to draw a crowd of riders and the bike talk was on. A real nice bunch of folks. Mariella and I got out onto the The Loop kind of late. It was fantastic.

This was the first time she was able to ride her own bike on a bike tour with me that was not in Florida.

It was Saturday and the loop was alive. Farmer’s Markets. A lot of people out and about. 

We got a nice short ride to warm our legs and some on the road. We have a Trader Joe’s a half a block away and had great chicken salad with a super spinach salad, bananas and Hansen’s soda. 

We had a little too long two rider meeting with 40 people. Tomorrow Catalina State Park. Peace out. Tres dog

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