My 25th Coloplast-Top End Wheelchair Rugby Invitational Tournament, Tampa, Florida

I am officiating my 25th local tournament. I missed one year to paddle my solo sea kayak from Key Largo to Key West. A great collection of teams and referees assembled for the weekend. 

My wife Mariella Smith, ex wheelchair table official extraordinaire came by to visit with her old friends. Wasn’t I lucky. 

If you did not know she is running for the Hillsborough County board of County Commissioners. We got to see some rugby. 

It was great to be hanging. The first day went well. Matt and Kristin had a nice game. 

Most of the refs went down to Ybor City and had real Cuban food at Carmine’s. Baked Chicken, steak Milanesa, crab enchilado, roast pork and of course the famous Cuban sandwich. 

The backdrop was classic 7th Ave. 

Day 2 saw me with an at large game and then the always interesting Texas v Minnesota game. A faster affair that was fun to work. 

Me and the Judge. 

Me and Gumbie. 

Me and Mason. Look at him eyeing the ball. 

Marthah got a selfie. 

It usually is old home week on Saturday at the tournament. A lot of ex Tampa Generals, Dan Casady and a strong contingent from the old Sarasota team, including Pat, DJ, Ed and Santa.  My buddy, Mr. Williamson, hung out with me a few. 

The refs have another dinner out after the day’s events at Tampa classic, CDB at USF. 

The last day had me with Josh Kearns on the final. Great weekend and great hangin. 

2 thoughts on “My 25th Coloplast-Top End Wheelchair Rugby Invitational Tournament, Tampa, Florida

  1. You go over and beyond to help others. Thank you for being of service. I wish your wife all the best in the race for city council. Hope to see you soon.
    Peace out!

  2. Terry Vineyard looks like Matt Damon. Give him my regards. Ask him if remembers when only he & I went to Lou Reed as a “social outing”?

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