Day 2-Key Largo to Scout Key

It was a great roll out of Key Largo with the ever present massive damage of Hurricane Irma pretty much everywhere in varying degrees and amounts of damage. 

We stopped Backcountry Cowboy. Greatest little yak and bike outfitter in Keys. We then went to Robbie’s to feed the tarpon

I and Rachel Niewald fed the tarpon.

There was some beautiful water at Channel #5 bridge. 

Then going to Marathon and the damage was very bad.

Then after 7 mile bridge 

We made it into Camp Sawyer and it was a big relief. There was a lot of debris. It was kind of like cycling in Beirut. Peace out Wewa. 

4 thoughts on “Day 2-Key Largo to Scout Key

  1. Don’t want to be Donny Downer here, but I’m hearing that around Cudjoe the debris in the canals is so thick it can’t be taken out yet and there are supposedly bodies in the debris too leading to horrific smells all the way to the main highway.

    Hope you can dispell the news and give a fairly better report than mine.
    Happy and safe travels guys!
    Capt. Russ

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