Komodo Island

The cruise had kind of made you choose what to do. See the Komodo dragon in the wild or go snorkel on one of only 7 pink beaches in the world. It is supposed to be world class snorkeling on Komodo. Mariella and I chose the dragon. 

We saw this guy walking out to the beach. 

We were given a quick lecture and a sweet nice man showed us around the protected park. We got kind of skunked at first. Saw orchids everywhere. 

We saw one in the forest and then came to a water hole  and saw these. 

A little one too. 

Komodo Island was beautiful. 

I was a little bent I didn’t get to snorkel. A lot of people did not want to miss both. A day at sea and then Dili, Timor Leste. We have prearranged an independent snorkeling trip. Blog in spurts. Peace out. Namaste Tres

4 thoughts on “Komodo Island

  1. Tres Dawg, getting ready to head to Eleuthera for some much needed R&R and taking some snorkeling gear with us. That’s one of the other 7 beaches, so you don’t have to go too far, hop skip and a jump to the island east of Nasau. Will let you know how the snorkeling goes!

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