Komodo Island

The cruise had kind of made you choose what to do. See the Komodo dragon in the wild or go snorkel on one of only 7 pink beaches in the world. It is supposed to be world class snorkeling on Komodo. Mariella and I chose the dragon. 

We saw this guy walking out to the beach. 

We were given a quick lecture and a sweet nice man showed us around the protected park. We got kind of skunked at first. Saw orchids everywhere. 

We saw one in the forest and then came to a water hole  and saw these. 

A little one too. 

Komodo Island was beautiful. 

I was a little bent I didn’t get to snorkel. A lot of people did not want to miss both. A day at sea and then Dili, Timor Leste. We have prearranged an independent snorkeling trip. Blog in spurts. Peace out. Namaste Tres

Lombok Island, Sengiggi Beach and Gili Trawangan island

Editors note: I was able to get some images from my second snorkel trip to Pulau Mengagan. I may sprinkle some more in later but, these two are my favorites. 

 It was a big trip planned and had us out early. Tender to Lombok and big welcome. I was the first one off the boat and the band started. 

It was a fairly long drive through the capital of the port through the capital of Lombok Island Mataram. I loved the horse carts. It is the only way to get around Gili. 

Lombok is 90% Muslim and it was Ramadan. We got to Sengiggi Beach and it was beautiful. 

We finally got the boat that would take us to Gili Trawangan. 

We got to Gili and we’re told we had 1 hour and 15 minutes and would have to leave. It was a bummer. I went snorkeling where we were at because that was where lunch was. The best snorkeling was on the complete opposite side of the island. Gili was beautiful. 

We got back on the boat and took a long time through Indonesian traffic back to the port. 

This is the tender that gets us to shore. 

It was a kind of disappointment not be on Gili longer. Komodo Island tomorrow.