On to the boat

We leave Ubud knowing our trip in Bali is about to end. We cannot get on the boat until 5  pm due to late start by the boat from Singapore. Easy roll out and another great breakfast. An errand this morning. Paradise from the balcony. 

Bali does kind of beat you up after awhile. It is still magical. I had to get some ibuprofen and was passing the school next to our street and there was an outside assembly. Lots of parents and the children were so cute. 

A butterfly garden. 

A stop at a dive shop for a new underwater camera and then on to the boat in Benoa Harbor. We were early and had to wait a bit. We got the music and the other stuff and learned we had been updraded to a balcony room. It’s great. Long day with a quick out tomorrow to full day excursion. 

2 thoughts on “On to the boat

  1. Namas-Tres, glad you were able to get a new water cam. Very jealous of your balcony upgrade. Please enjoy a strong cup of coffee sitting on balcony watching the world go by. Regards to the Congresswoman. Peace.

  2. What an exciting journey. Sitting on the balcony coming into port adds to the adventure.cant wait to see the pictures from the new camera. Don’t forget where your permanent residence is. We have been having some good rains for a couple of weeks.
    Love to you both.

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