Batik class with Kadek and Mariella 

A nice dinner at Cafe des Artists with 2 classic Belgian dishes. Super. Easy roll out with breakfast then yoga and a short walk to Nirvana Pension.

It is the studio of famed artist I Nyoman Suradnya. We were taught by his student and gifted artist Kadek. We were given a coffee and water and explained the process for the day.

We were instructed to find an image that we wanted to draw on cotton. Kadek brought some art books out for inspiration. Mariella selected an Orchid and I selected a picture of the mask of Jaran Guyang.

We had to draw them on cotton tacked to frames. It was a bigger image than I expected. Mariella finished drawing first and Kadek set her up to begin lining her drawing. Kadek had her add a butterfly in the top left. I needed more time to draw my image. I cannot remember the last time I drew something. Mariella was using a tjanting to trace her line drawing to place beeswax on the lines. Kadek was helpful with helping her learn the technique. This was my first attempt.

We then had to paint the images and use water as a wash while we painted.

There was more process with ensuring wax was where it needed to be then Kadek did his majic after we crinkled the places that needed to be crinkled. 

This was Mariella’s Orchid and butterfly.

We had a great time and great day. We learned our ship will be late to port and will not leave Ubud until 12. The wifi will now get even trickier and may be days between post. Peace out. Namaste Tres 

9 thoughts on “Batik class with Kadek and Mariella 

  1. Dawg! Y’all are livin’ the life. That was awesome and what a special, personalized souvenir to get to bring home. Better than some t-shirt! BTW – you look so much better w/o the beard.
    – Gibby

  2. Very talented artists!
    Of coarse I prefer the orchid but Tres, I love the vibrance of yours. I know they will have a place of honor in your home.

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