Kirtan, rafting, eating, swimming, walking…

Mariella and I went to kirtan at the yoga barn where Punnu Wasu Singh and a group of musicians performed. It was great to be there and to sing. I know right.

I am going rafting on a local whitewater river this morning. I was picked up with some others a couple from Chile/Spain and a young man from Korea. It was kind of a factory. We were outfitted and put into a truck and down the road we went. 

We were also put together in with two real nice young men from Singapore and one of them will be 30 tomorrow. The guide Dogie was this huge biceped guy who was great.

Traffic on the route way to put in.

We had to walk at least 300 or more steep steps down to the Ayung river.

The gear is zip lined down through the jungle to put in.

The put in was beautiful and was a loaded with rafts.

The proverbial 3 stroke paddles forward, back and stop were taught and away we went.

Everyone got along great and we seemed to be paddling well together. We paddled for an hour in some real nice class 3 rapids and the river really had a nice drop to it. We stopped for Coke or Bintang beer. 

We left and it was about another 40 minutes to  take out. Dogie threw me out of the boat and I floated along in a this deep gorge of whitewater paradise for a few minutes. Drug back into the boat and away we went.

Great lunch soup, grilled BBQ chicken, noodles, rice, big shrimp cracker and little slice of watermelon. I could not want to have been with better people. Swam, walked, shopped and cooled out. Quiet night. Batik class tomorrow with Mariella. Namaste Tres

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