On to Ubud with Widi

More heartfelt remorse about leaving another beautiful place.

The snorkeling here was the best. Widi texted Mariella last night and had insured he was expected. She replied a resounding yes. Yoga, coffee and breakfast.

It was a slow roll out of our place. Widi was waiting on us when we got to reception with his brother. He had a surprise for us. He had sarong and sash for Mariella and I and we went to Pura Pulaki on the water.

He was traditionally dressed when he picked us up. We went into this important temple and I  was in tie dye. There over 2500 monkeys on the premises.

Widi had us go in and we participated in prayers. It was amazing.

We watched the women put the offerings Widi brought away. After we finished the prayers we were allowed to take pictures.

The temple had very interesting images and statues.

It was an incredible setting.

We left here and Widi drove and drove through Seririt, Lovina Beach, Sinjaraja and up and down the mountains again. Widi took us to the  Royal Water Temple at Taman Ayun. It was built by the king in 1634. A few pictures.

We left here and headed to Ubud. It was really busy when we got here. Widi had another commitment with his family and will be unable to take us to the boat on Wednesday. He has been just wonderful. We were dropped off near Okawati Hotel and walked just a bit. It is an old established hotel.

The pool and garden from our balcony.

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