Last full day in the Menjangan resort in West Bali Nat’l Park

Mariella and I ran into a pack of monkeys and there babies hanging on to the moms behind our place before dinner. I will get pictures of these guys today on a morning hike. We did see a bunch of deer come to the waterfront to drink the salt water. Yes. 

We were amazed at the numbers of how they moved together. 

Mariella and I took a ride in the safari bus to the restaurant. 

The sunset was beautiful as we looked over at Java. 

There were mountains behind the first set of mountains that appeared late in the sunset. There is a Mt. Ruang left of this mountain which you cannot see. Awe inspiring. 

We ate our dinner in the Bali Tower and I had an Indonesian chicken coconut curry that was sooo good. I feel like this was the other half of the day yesterday that I was not ready to write due to extreme leisure and underwater bliss.

Yoga, coffee, breakfast then a morning hike. We got away and it was Africa hot at 9:30 am. We walked about a half mile and got this image of the bay from the side of park. 

As we walked along we saw how the locals would honor an old and big ficus rigida, strangler fig. 

We walked some more and I had completely soaked my shirt and sweat was just rolling off me. This was not normal for me. It seemed like it could not drink enough water. It seemed I was dehydrated. I walked back. 

I got to our room and cooled off and began to start drinking more. Took a nap and met Mariella for lunch. Easy afternoon. We leave tomorrow and this place was great. 

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