Another day in paradise…

After a very restful long sleep it felt as if we had really started to overcome the jet lag. A beautiful breakfast with the most amazing fuschia tropical fruit called dragon fruit. There was an early rain.

The early to bed early to rise allowed us to be able to go to an onsite yoga class above the gym where we were staying. Mariella and I thought it would an hour to hour and a quarter class. It was a 2 hour tour de force of Iyengar yoga that had us dripping sweat at the end. It was the real deal. I got my cheap renter and the other for Mariella was not working for her. 

I rode up the boardwalk to the Museum of Le Meyeur. It was hotter than yesterday. The multi use path is pretty zooey at times. 

I was early to the museum and rode up a busy side street to the main drag.

Funny how US capitalism comes to the 4 corners. The Colonel. I did come back to find a huge mosque at the Grand Bali Inn. Bali is mostly Hindu. 

The grounds were beautiful and large.

The entrance to the Grand Bali Beach Inn was very dramatic. 

Mariella had made the mile walk to the museum. The art was interesting. The artist had come to Bali and met a 15 yr old dancer. She was beautiful and 30 years younger or more. He stayed and painted her as a muse. It was unfortunate the art was not as cared for as it probably should have been. The paintings were in cases that had no back to them and mothballs were sprinkled at the base. Smell pretty much drove us out. Back to the path. 

A swim at the hotel pool and a great lunch. 

A delicious nap in the heat of the day. We will go out to the street that brought us to the hotel for organic dinner. This section of Denpasar is really just right with things to do and places to go. Went to Three monkeys cafe and a lovely meal of salad and pumpkin ravioli. Pink snapper for Mariella. It was a real nice place

 Remember this mantra-cannot drink the tap water. Lots of big bottles of H2O. I am going with Sanur Cycle Tours to Ubud and Tegenugan Waterfall tomorrow. They do a 7 day tour, maybe next time. I love it here enough to expatriate. Easy. Peace. Namaste Tres. 

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  1. The pictures look like a tour book. Are there ever other people at the pool, restaurant, etc. I did love the breakfast picture. Have you had any coffee? Enjoy your bike ride. PLEAAE be safe.

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