Tandjung Sari Hotel on Sanur Beach

Mariella and I finally awoke to the latest breakfast we could in what appears to be a Balinese paradise. 

The food at this place is incredible. The grounds of the hotel are idyllic. Our rented front yard. 

Doors and doorways are small and are valued as antiques. Mariella adorning our door at our room 29. 

The Hindu imagery is everywhere like the Italian details all over the big cities of Italy. 

There is a path that is miles long that goes down Sanur beach. It is one of the reasons we stayed here. 

We walked a bit up and down the beach after a swim in the ocean and the pool. 

This place is incredible. We will rent cheap bicycles tomorrow and ride up and down the path. 

There is a museum of an artist we will see tomorrow along with an orchid jungle. Peace. Namaste Tres. 

Signage is interesting here. 

4 thoughts on “Tandjung Sari Hotel on Sanur Beach

  1. You should makes the monkey riding the bike – WITHOUT the red “slash”- your tattoo from this trip. Seriously. Enjoy. Be safe. Love you both.

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