Indonesia-Bali flight

I and Mariella were early to airport because of the great ride from my sister in law, Holly. Luckily after a scare with American Airlines stating we needed a visa to go to Denpasar Bali. We were to be in Bali less than 30 days and a visa is not required. It is a stiff penalty for the airline if they permit the passenger to go somewhere without proper documents. 

It was a bumpy ride with a quick turnaround in Dallas. Looong flight to Seoul, Korea. A little quick moving but to the gate with time to spare. 

We are in for a 14 hour flight. We wandered the very modern Seoul Incheon airport. I had the best ham and cheese croissant sandwich I had ever eaten. No offense Carla and Anita. There seemed to be a lot of quarantine stations in the airport.

The islands outside of Seoul from the air was beautiful. 

6 3/4 hour flight to Denpasar, Bali. We were met at the airport by our driver to Tanjung Sari.

It was approximately 12,000 miles on three different flights. Bali is 12 hours different than Tampa and is exotically beautiful. Half way around the world. 

I will write a blog about my first full day in paradise after a swim or two and nap. Peace. I am going to turn into Namaste Tres. 

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