X’s 40 year anniversary tour at the State Theater St. Pete 

I heard of the 4 original members of X being at the State and it just seemed like a super thing to do on Sunday. My good buddy San Fran/ LA punk rock  guru Mike Pinney was to join. 

It was a line up on a gorgeous night. Mike had some domestic duties prior to showtime. I got a front row spot. 

Old quaint SRO. Good spot to watch the warm up Rosie Flores. A punkabilly rocker that survived LA punk scene in the late 70’s and now lived in Austin. She was accompanied by a terrific fiddle player, Tammy.

Exene, John Doe, Billy Zoom and DJ did not disappoint. It was a great show with a ton of great energy. 

If you have the chance to see this band GO and get your punk on. It was incredible. Long live X.