Croom Forest Metric Century-

I went up to Brooksville at o dark thirty for this ride. I was signed up for the 64+ miles. My old friend Steve Diez was there. He works for the Hernando County MPO and helps with bicycle lanes, paths and trails.

It was a little cool but not for long and within a mile we began riding the local trail. 

Steve was going to go short and it was great to see him. I had not seen Steve for a bit and two weeks ago saw him at Bike Florida. I was going long and I ended up riding with a nice group of people from Witer Garden, Florida. Did I say it was hilly? Everytime we seemed to get out of some rollers a few more came our way. Went out to fast too and that did not help. The roads were gorgeous. 

We hoped on the Withalacoochee State trail a couple of times. 

I should have taken a picture of the road arrows for this ride. They were DARK GREEN. I could not make that up. It was confusing to say the least. First SAG was at mile 39+ as well. 

The next pictures of the road were just…

It was a good ride for fitness with the rolling hills. It did seem like that at the end of the day a couple hills into Brooksville were just kind of killers. Slowed at the end due to a too fast rollout and pulls. It was a beautiful day with a real nice bunch of people. Peace out Tres dog. 

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  1. I love Croom. Used to ride my dirt bike up there. It can be a challenge in spots but A great place to ride or just hang out.

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