Day 6-Cayo Costa to Pineland Marine-7 miles

Last night a beautiful sunset after dinner. 

We had a local park volunteer who ended up being a folk singing sensation. He was tremendous. It was time to leave Cayo Costa for take out and the end of the trip. 

We had a beautiful day with great conditions. It was not that way last year. 

A tip of the hat to Bill Richards and all the staff that made the trip so wonderful. The Blueway was great and not to be missed by avid paddlers with Cayo Costa one of the true gems of the Florida State Parks. I would be remiss if I did not comment on how nice the participants were and how nice it was to be with them. Everyone was so unselfish and helpful. I had a chance to paddle with 4 people from the Cincy paddlers. 

Henry, Pat O, Pat F and Fred. It was like we knew each other for years they could not have been nicer to a total stranger. Henry is a trip. Hope to paddle in Florida with them soon. Peace and kindness. Tres dog