Day 3- Sirenia Vista Park to Jug Creek Park-10 miles

A foggy but warm get away after breakfast. 

We had some low water due to tide but we moved through it. 

The cut in the mangrove to the camp.

The service here is slow and poor but a lovely afternoon in Bokeelia with grouper sandwiches and absolute perfect weather. Blogging may become difficult next couple of days.  Jug Creek Cottages. 

Peace out. Tres

One thought on “Day 3- Sirenia Vista Park to Jug Creek Park-10 miles

  1. Dawg! Hope you’re enjoying your trip. Keep the pics coming, and don’t be afraid to do a round up post at the end with more pictures you couldn’t get with the slow internet. I’m sure I’m not the only one loving them. Also, it gives me a glimpse as to how people live outside of a blizzard this weekend! We ended up with over 2 feet in Maine yesterday, and another foot coming tomorrow! Woof!

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