Christmas Day Paddle

A perfect Noche Buena with my familia on Christmas Eve set the tone for a quiet Christmas Day at home.

Tres Smith, known in the Smith kayak land as the “main motor,” invited his “auxiliary motor,” known as Mariella, his wife, for a lunch paddle on the Little Manatee River into Little Cockroach Bay.

We then went out to Tampa Bay to our favorite lunch spot.

The weather was idyllic and the turkey sandwiches could not have been better. Always time for a swim and it was cool and refreshing.

We reluctantly packed up the kayak and began for home through our little hole in the mangrove.

It was a day of reflection and gratitude. I was watching an old movie on Christmas Eve and it was “It Happened on 5th Ave.” There was quote in the movie, “A man with no friends knows real poverty.” It made me realize how rich I am. Happy Holidays to all my beloved family and the greatest collection of friends in the world. Peace. Tres… dog


5 thoughts on “Christmas Day Paddle

  1. Great quote, great blog, and I appreciate you making me a richer man. Looking back I haven’t been poor for over 30 years now.

  2. A perfect day for reflection. We are all so blessed and taking the time to enjoy what we have is to me the real spirit of Christmas.
    I watched Midnight Mass from the Basilica in Washington, D.C. It was a beautiful Service. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. Dawg – beautiful pictures, a great day. Thanks for making me rich. Love to you & the Congresswoman! I hope to see you soon. – Gibby

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