Raleigh Rumble 2016

This world traveler is in Raleigh North Carolina officiating the Raleigh Rumble wheelchair rugby tournament at the Barwell Community Center on December 3-4. 

It is a well organized local tournament by the local North Carolina chapter of NSCIA, National Spinal Cord Injury Association, that has a good level of competition. They also treat the referees well. It’s just nicely organized.

I was rooming with my crazy good referee buddy,  Matt Smith from Rock Hill. 

I was fortunate to have the Carolina grudge game between home town favorite Raleigh vs. Charlotte. It was a tight, competitive game that Raleigh won. I got to do it with Matt. It was really fun. 

Chris and Marianne had the tough first game after the Chick Fil A lunch. Good for their character. 

I had the last game on Saturday with Casey of Lakeshore fame. Wheelchair Rugby is a full medal Paralympic sport and is always one of the favorites of the games. I have officiated for 26 years with a couple of light years which seemed to just be a break. 

The sport gets in your blood and is not easy to get out. I love this picture because I was so excited I was probably coming out of my shoes. New Hoka one-ones.

Shout out and thanks to all the teams and organizers. It was a great weekend. Home to the littlest freewheeler. 

4 thoughts on “Raleigh Rumble 2016

  1. Dawg! You are the best? I so enjoy these posts and especially you “coming out of your shoes”.
    Get home safely.

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