Day 3: Camp Sawyer to Stock Island

The night sky at 2:30 a.m. revealed the Milky Way on Scout Key. Great breakfast by Anne and group picture of all the Coasters on the ride. I am in the back. Ha!

A flat tire from a retread wire revealed a flat just prior to blastoff for the day. It slowed us a little bit. I had an issue slowing going down the road and the wheel rim was stuck on the brake as I pedaled. I thought I had gone to bike shutdown. Checked the issue and once the wheel was free to spin my affliction was lifted. I was born again to ride with my usual vigor. Must have been that shade tree mechanic.

Big Pine Key was all that and a bag of chips. Went to Blue Hole and saw him.

Went to the end of the road and saw this Key deer. It ended up 2-3 feet from us.

Went on to No Name Key saw the pub.

Left and got back out on US 1 and south the wind blew us down the keys. Some good bike trails.

The sky was high, clear and blue. The water green and rich.

It is not your eyes. It is the photographer. On to BABY’S COFFEE for lunch and COFFEE. Turkey wrap and Orangina. Pocket some bulk coffee on the way home.

On to Boyd’s campground for a swim and shuttle into Key West for Mahi.

My digs for two days. Miss all my peeps from home. Will update you on Key West evening mañana. Peace out. T dog

5 thoughts on “Day 3: Camp Sawyer to Stock Island

    1. Actually tomorrow Obama will still be Pres. We will have a new Pres elect.

      Looks like you are having a great time
      Peace and Love
      Dave C

  1. WOW trey, Beautiful photos. I can tell you are having a good time flat tire and all. All your photos you are smiling, and you have to smile when taking all the other photos! Safe riding keep us posted! Love You!

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