Day 41: Poplarville to Ocean Springs, Mississippi – 68 miles

It appeared that we could be wet all day today with varying accounts of rain or chances of rain.  It was not raining when we left the nice, new and dry armory in Poplarville.


All Gore Tex on the bike but not on me. It was humid and overcast but was pleasant and it seemed I was dressed appropriately for the ride. A 30 miler to the first SAG due to the rural nature of the route. We went through the DeSoto National Forest.


It was great. Road conditions were better than last few days. We were surprised to have a pulled pork BBQ lunch at mile 52 at the Ramsey Creek Baptist Church.


Homemade everything. A kind of a slog of 17 miles to the Motel 6 next to the interstate. We stayed dry all day. Just glad to be done. Thanks again for the great comments of support and love. Peace.

4 thoughts on “Day 41: Poplarville to Ocean Springs, Mississippi – 68 miles

  1. Man I await these posts but don’t like to comment when your ppl have actual intelligent things to say

    BUT; Half the US is in a drought, there CAN’T be as much rain as you claim, a Huffy’s better than that custom peice of shit, and noone ’round here ever heard of no damn Ocean Springs Mississippi either.

    Ride steady and enjoy the views

  2. HOWDY!
    We Love ya’ oodles! Enjoy your ride, this adventure is almost over!
    Tootles for now,
    Me & Rusty

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