Day 23: Sanderson to Comstock, Texas – 82 miles

A very cold and windy roll out of Sanderson after a very warm reception from the high school seniors of Project Graduation. The wind howled at the gym waking people from all their sleep.  It was 37 degrees this morning so after breakfast we were bundled up and away we went.


The wind and road shifted and The crosswinds were pretty fierce at the start of the ride for a while. The wind did seem be helpful most of the day for a elevation gain of 3100 feet and descent of almost 4600 feet. It was a long day but, the wind was our friend. The terrain was again very interesting.


After lunch we crossed the Pecos River which appeared to have a river service road and put in. Rafting the Pecos must be going on.


We are staying at the very cool Seminole Canyon State Park outside of Comstock.

One thought on “Day 23: Sanderson to Comstock, Texas – 82 miles

  1. March Madness, going strong. I’m sure you were happy to have your leg warmers. 92 is a monster day. Jim

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