Day 17: El Paso to Ft. Hancock , Texas – 57 miles

A short hilly but beautiful roll out of El Paso. We went through the downtown section that had lots of construction and detours. There was tons of road work. Not much time here it was sort of a shame. Stopped at a Valero gas station and was mobbed by people asking about the ride. First SAG stop at huge ranch market in outskirts of El Paso. Great market. More road construction after the SAG. Pecan groves all over. More headwind today but riding with a big group. Lunch in Fabens, Texas. Great steak tacos.  It is official my wife is in the state of Texas heading to Van Horn. The earth is back on its axis.


8 thoughts on “Day 17: El Paso to Ft. Hancock , Texas – 57 miles

  1. I know You and Mariella have both been looking forward to this day! What an amazing journey Tres…peddle on?✌️?

  2. Sounds like Mariella’s arrival is perfect timing. Reading your posts inspires and amazes me. Pedal strong my friend!!

  3. Man looks like you’re almost a third of the way across the country, that’s hard to believe. Guess those bean tacos must turn into rocket fuel to counteract the headwinds. Just the thought of riding 95 miles in a day, even with a tailwind, makes my ass sore. That just ain’t right. HAVE FUN

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