Day 14: Rodeo to Columbus, New Mexico – 95 miles

Huge long day out of Rodeo to Columbus with a great tailwind. Actually did 92 miles today. It was great except the last 3 miles. The desert which is vast and now incredibly remote. Remnants of rabbits and vultures with big open sky. We had lunch in Huachita, New Mexico.


The only place to have it. There was an abandoned church that really must have been something in the day.


Columbus offered us a new school for two nights with a rest day that included A trip to Palomas, Mexico and the Pink Store. A visit to Pancho Villa State Park. Glad this one was in the books. No way to do this until now.


4 thoughts on “Day 14: Rodeo to Columbus, New Mexico – 95 miles

  1. For some reason your pictures are blocking the text in this post:(
    Can’t believe you did 92 miles and even noticed the last 3. So impressive.
    We rode our bikes to dinner and thought of you. Had a bit of a headwind the last block or so.
    Have fun with Mariella!

    1. Thank you, Leslie, for reporting the issue. I have added a lightbox for viewing photos on large screens — maybe you clicked into that and opened a large image overlaying the post? You should be able to close that overlay by clicking the little X in the lower right, or clicking anywhere outside the lightbox. Please let me know if you continue to see a problem.

  2. Homer! It is interesting that you mention the “ vastly remote”, because, I have thought with every picture, there are never any cars and some of the pictures look like they are ” duplicates” from day to day. I let Chris Conn know about your blog, she said, we’ll have to get together when you get back, because, you’ll have “great stories”! Ride On, Brother, Ride On!

  3. I’m glad this was in the books also or I never would have seen that abandoned church. To me it holds the spirit and craftmenship of the people who built it. Equal to the baroque cathedrals in Europe.

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