Day 12: Tombstone to Douglas, Arizona – 50 miles

A beautiful roll out from Tombstone. A quick stop through the fun historic downtown. A kitschy scene but looked fun. Off we went after that. We had been told of our ascent of the highest elevation of the tour. 5885 feet. It was the toughest hill of the tour, prior to rolling into the very cool hippy tourist town of Bisbee, Arizona, the Queen of copper camps. Great old buildings and stores. It is the home of the Bizbee Bicycle Brothel. A great collection of bikes and accessories. Incredible L’Eroica bicycles. A nice downhill out of Bisbee into Douglas and the great historic Gadsden Hotel. Middle of nowhere. No pics today. Peace.

4 thoughts on “Day 12: Tombstone to Douglas, Arizona – 50 miles

  1. So glad today’s journey was a good one- I can’t imagine that ascent. Sounds like you are getting a lot of bicycle sideline enjoyment as well, visiting all these bike shops!

  2. You are definitely getting the grand tour of Arizona. The elevations sound demanding but nothing YOU can’t do!

  3. Peace ! I like that … You enjoy all these beautyful places across America !
    Thank you, Tres, for your reports !
    Here on Lake Sempach, people just talk about Mr. Trump, when it comes to U.S.of A. ….
    Safe trip !

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