Day 1: San Diego to Alpine, California – 42 miles

The first day of the rest of our lives, maybe.  A stalwart group of 37 rider souls and 19 veteran previous cross country grizzled Bubba veterans as staff, waited with baited anticipation of the start of their own vision quest.  The start was slowly coming with a 9 am rear wheel dipping in the Pacific Ocean.

tres_day1-startIt was a really wavy day and this rider went down to the water, after the group picture, and stuck his hand in the water and dripped the water from the Pacific Ocean onto his back wheel. A fellow rider got caught in a wave up to his waist. SO that’s how it can go.

This rider 2 miles into the ride was out the gate early basically coming out of his shoes, too excited for his own good, got to do an extra 5 miles today. It would figure into a monster hilly day. This was one of the toughest days of the trip with another hilly day tomorrow but with less miles. image

Sunset in tent city:


4 thoughts on “Day 1: San Diego to Alpine, California – 42 miles

  1. Tres, what a huge undertaking. Thank you for sharing this adventure. Wishing you a safe journey and Positive thoughts and prayers on your cross country trip of a lifetime.

  2. Hello Tres, I’m very much enjoy reading your comments on your adventure. I will be heading back to PA at the end of this week, and have enjoyed our couple of rides and lunches with Jim Wheeler. Good luck I’ll be reading all about you.

  3. Hello Tre , I’m enjoying the journey with you . Thanks for sharing . I’m praying for your safety . Go ahead live your dream . Life is short . Peace .

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