Downtown Long Beach with bike trails to bike shops

Hard to believe another chamber of commerce weather day. Took off again to Downtown on the LA River bike path and wandered through the downtown where they had begun set up of the Long Beach Grand Prix.

imageI went to a real collector’s bike shop in Belmont called The Bicycle Stand. It had all kinds of  Classic vintage bicycles, Italian Masi, Colnago to die for, Hetchen’s, Bianchi and others. Very nice shop with attentive staff. They were preparing bicycles for an Eroica ride in Paso Robles in April in the middle of the month. Check out the event poster. Very cool. Hard to believe I did not take a picture must have been too engaged. Ventured back downtown to see a hub of mass transit. Hello Hillsborough County.

Strong meets SoCal low rider at the Cog and Crank bike shop in Bixby Knolls. Queen Mary for dinner.


9 thoughts on “Downtown Long Beach with bike trails to bike shops

  1. Homer! Thanks for the day-to-day commentary. Today 3/4/16, would’ve been
    Mr. G’s 95th birthday. He’ll be watching down on you today. Ride on, my Brother. Peace.

  2. Good morning – love the blog – have a safe, fun and interesting ride. Peace and Love. Dave C

  3. Where and when is your start? I would like to come down to the beach and cheer you on your way.

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