RAGBRAI  bound-Chattanooga, Tennessee

A real early roll out got me to Chattanooga by 2. A driving assessment of peaches in Georgia took place and with some mixed results. That was disappointing. Easiest pass through Atlanta ever. The fave Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel. I was here in October. 

A discount at the restaurant here would have made dinner easy but I needed to go to a drug store and ended up at the best taco place across the river, Taco Mamacita. It is in the hill district. Nothing to hard to get to. 

A walk around before the game. 

A Chattanooga Lookouts game this evening against the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp. 

Toasted Namaste Tres. More driving to Iowa tomorrow. I like Chattanooga. Peace out. 

Bonaire last morning

A great dinner with Leslie and Tony at the restaurant downstairs. Beautiful sunset. See featured image. Tony and I went for a night snorkel after dinner. 

The light seemed to scare the fish. Tony on light and me on camera. 

We did wake up a sand diver. He was not happy and kind of territorial. 

The water is as pretty as the pictures. 

Coming home. Namaste Tres

Klein Bonaire

We, Leslie, Tony, Mariella and myself, were able to book a 4 hour guided catamaran snorkeling trip to Klein Bonaire our of the Divi Flamingo Resort. 

It was on a 44 foot boat made in Capetown, South  Africa. Very nice and the crew was great. 

We motored than sailed out to the island on the leeward side of Bonaire, Klein Bonaire. The flying fish here are serious aviators. Hard to capture on the I phone.

We did 2 45 minute drift snorkels and as the say oh my God!  Pics of coral and fish.

We left the Divi Resort. 

To go downtown and get some of the famous Bonaire sea salt. 

One more blog. What a week. Peace out Namaste Tres

Bonaire-Karpata, Rincon-Lourdes Grotto and 18th Palm

We headed out w a tuna fish sandwich lunch to  the northern most spot we would snorkel at Karpata with our friends Leslie and Tony. No underwater camera due to dead batteries. Beautiful coral here. 

After our picnic lunch we went through Rincon.

We saw a cemetery in Rincon and also Lourdes Grotto on our way to 18th Palm. 

All kinds of fish and another eel at 18th Palm. Catamaran snorkel trip to Klein Bonaire tomorrow. Underwater camera tomorrow! Peace out Namaste Tres

Bonaire-Lac Bay and Sorobon Beach

Slow out as usual. Onward to Sorobon Beach. 

We had to walk 20 minutes or so to the reef. 

The coral was very healthy. The pics. 

Great lunch at the beach lamb stew. Killer. Bike shop. 

Cruise ship on tomorrow. Will stay north of town. Our friends from Tampa have arrived. We are so excited. 

Peace out Namaste Tres

Bonaire-The Cliff and Salt Pier

You know the drill by now. Slow, lazy rollout with great breakfast on balcony overlooking Klein Bonaire. The Cliff was great.

A few pics. French Angelfish the featured image. 

We the went out to Salt Pier. Cargill. Nuff said.

The water was rougher with less visibility. 

Great day even with a cruise ship in town. Friends coming and big snorkel tomorrow with camera battery charged. Peace out Namaste Tres

Bonaire-Sorobon Beach and 18th Palm

Another sleep in with a slow roll out was the order of the day. Good breakfast and we were on our way to Lac Bay at Sorobon. Underwater camera battery low and had no charger. Photo shop charged the battery. Great luck but no underwater pics today. Token Bonaire wild burros pic. 

Lac Bay was windy and overcast and about 15 min walk to the best snorkeling on the island. Ate dorado at Sorobon Beach resort. 

Mariella wanted to see south of Sorobon Beach and there was this kind of magical spot where the ocean hits these rocky crags and tide pools. See featured image. 

We had to get around some construction to get to the 18th palm snorkel site at Plaza Resort Bonaire.

Spotted morey eel, French angelfish, butterfly fish, another different eel, surgeon fish, blue tang, grunts, every type of parrotfish, grouper, wrasses, squirrelfish, flounder, trumpetfish, smooth trunkfish AND WHITESPOTTED FILEFISH. There was other things too like soft coral. I have a witness and in some cases the spotter.

Internet slow here. Peace out Namaste Tre

Bonaire-Bari Reef

We got up early and my brother Henry took us to the airport. We had a layover in Miami due to thunderstorms and ended up Boeing an hour and a half late. It could have been a lot worse.

We got our rental truck and went to a great supermarket and got some groceries. We went to our condo and got a great room on the third floor. Had dinner in the restaurant downstairs, red snapper and wahoo. Killer. 

Down early then long lazy sleep. Great breakfast we got from store and down to the reef in our backyard!

We had a late tuna fish sandwich and rinse lazy like and the drive to Lac Bai and Sorobon beach. We saw the brightest flamingoes. We saw the wild burros too. 

Internet giving me fits. Peace out Namaste Tres